Weekend Clean-up: What you missed in the World of Sports


Eagles Kicker

The story of the NFL this weekend has much more to do with what happened in Alabama with the President and the players actions during the National Anthem across the country.

But on the football field, we have two teams that have yet to be beat, Kansas City Chiefs and the Atlanta Falcons. There are twice that many that have yet to win a game (49ers, Browns, Giants and Bengals).

There were some exciting, last second finishes. The Bears defeated the Steelers in overtime. The Eagles kept the Giants winless by kicking a last second field goal, which saw the kicker taken off the field on his teammates shoulders. The Bengals almost got their first win but were thwarted by the Packers in Over Time.

The Sunday Night Game saw a lopsided upset, the Redskins defense had their way with the Raiders, beating them 27-10. That score makes the game look closer than it was.

Tonight, the Cowboys take on the Cardinals in the Monday Night Game (ESPN 7:30 PM)

For a complete score board of the NFL weekend, click here.

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