The President’s Cup

The President’s Cup

Presidents Cup

Thursday (9/28) 1-6 pm @ NBC

5 groups of foursomes

Friday (9/29) 11:30 am-6 pm @ Golf Channel

5 groups of four ball

Saturday (9/30) 8 am- 6pm @ NBC

Morning: 4 groups of foursomes

Afternoon: 4 groups of four ball

Sunday (10/1) 12 pm- 6pm @ NBC

12 singles matches


This weekend will see the playing of the 12th Presidents Cup at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, New Jersey.

The President’s Cup is a golf tournament held on alternating years where the United States team plays against a team of International Players (excluding Europe, Europe and the U.S. compete in the Ryder cup on the other years).

The President’s Cup is not set up as a normal golf tournament rather it is set up in a team setting called match play.

The 3 Match Plays are:

Foursomes: where teammates alternate taking shots until the ball is holed.

Four Ball: where each player plays the ball and the lowest score for the team is recorded.

Singles: where players compete head to head against the opposing team. The golfer with the lowest round of the two wins.

The winner(s) of each match receives a point for their team. A draw gives each team ½ point.

The first team to 15.5 points is the winner.

The last Presidents Cup saw the Americans win 15.5-14.5. The Internationals have only won once since the inception of the Cup and there has been one draw.




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