Weekend Line up: MLB

Major League Baseball

The MBL Regular season will end on Sunday. The teams in the playoff is almost set. The Red Socks and Yankees are battling out who wins the division and who will be the Wild Card. In the National League Colorado and Milwaukee have still to determine the winner of the final Wild Card spot.


Teams most likely in:

AL East: Boston Red Socks and New York Yankees

AL Central: Cleveland Indians (Currently best record in the League), Minnesota Twins (Wild Card)

AL West: Houston Astros (A game behind the Indians for the best record)

NL East: Washington Nationals

NL Central: Chicago Cubs

NL West: LA Dodgers (Best record in baseball), Arizona Diamondbacks (Wild Card), Colorado (Wild Card).


The contrived (sorry that’s opinion) Wild Card one-game playoffs will be Tuesday (10/3) and Wednesday (10/4).

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