Weekend Clean-up: NFL


The Story of the NFL this weekend was the Rookies. Rookie QB Deshawn Watson of the Texans and two rookie Head Coaches, Sean McDermott and Sean McVay (It’s a good day to be a Sean/Shawn).

Watson led his team to a huge victory over a very competitive Tennessee Titans team. He had 5 touchdowns in the game which is a rookie record. The Texans won 57-14.

Sean McDermott is in his first season as the Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills and he has the team with three wins and only 1 loss. He also beat the undefeated Falcons yesterday 23-17.

Sean McVay, at 31, lead his LA Rams to a marquee victory against the Dallas Cowboys to go to 3-1. Not only does McVay make me wonder what I’m doing with my life, but he also makes me doubt the Cowboys and believe in the Rams.

The Sunday Night Football game was a snooze fest- literally I fell asleep and had no desire to watch it while doing laundry this morning. The Seahawks defeated the terrible Colts 46-18. If the Colts are going to give up 46 points to a terrible Seahawks defense they really are not worth watching. 18 points by the Colts offense is respectable. But really, 46-18 is not worth anyone’s time.

Monday Night Football

Washington Redskins @ Kansas City Chiefs

Tonight 7:30 CT on ESPN

The Chiefs are the last undefeated team in the league. The Redskins are 2-1 with a nice win last week against the Rams and the Raiders two weeks ago.

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