MLB Wild Card Playoff Game

MLB Playoff

*Note: I try very hard to keep most of these posts opinion free and fact based. There will be a lot of opinions in this post. Please use your judgement to know which is which.


Tonight, begins the dumbest thing about Major League Baseball these days, the one game play-off to be a Wild Card to be in the Playoffs. The annoyance I have towards these games is very high. But I will cover it anyway. But seriously, in a season that has 162 games I think we should be able to know which teams get in the play offs. Who wins 1 game in baseball is so random it does not allow the best team to advance, literally just the luckiest. Did I mention the season is 162 games long? I think we know which teams are better after 162 games. Alas, for the break down.


American League

Minnesota Twins @ New York Yankees

Tuesday 10/3 7 pm on ESPN


The Twins are 85-77 on the season, which is a great improvement from last year when they lost 103 games. Seriously, they only won 85 games, why are they even in the playoffs? Oh yeah, because the MLB wanted to create contrived drama in hopes of competing with football. Good luck with that. The Twins have been dominated by the Yankees over the last 15 years (33-89).

The Yankees are back in the big show- except you know they aren’t because this is all contrived and they haven’t made it in the playoffs but they still get to where a shirt that says they made the playoffs. Aaron Judge is the story here. With the loss of Derek Jeter, the Yankees have been looking for the star to fill all their hopes and dreams again. And they think it is Judge. In his first season he hit 52 home runs setting the Rookie record (Please note, there have been more home runs hit this year in the Majors than ever before and most teams had record numbers of home runs this season. We should look at this record with a little bit of skepticism along with our admiration). He also had 208 strike outs this season, which is also a record. This man is a beast out there, he is 6’7” and 282 lbs. He’s the type of kid Baseball wants picking their sport. He can also hit the ball forever. The Yankees are 91-71 this year.

Easy money is on the Yankees. But seriously, its one game in baseball, the best team does not always win these games. So, anything can happen. The winner plays the Indians who are 102-60.


National League

Colorado Rockies @ Arizona Diamondbacks

Wednesday 10/3 7 pm on TBS


The Rockies and Diamondbacks have played each other a lot this season, because they are in the same division. Unfortunately for them, that division is also the one the LA Dodgers are in who have the best record in baseball. You could make the argument the Diamondbacks should be in the playoffs. Though they didn’t win their division they have a better record than the Cubs who won theirs and have the same record as the Red Socks who also won their division. But the Rockies, like the Twins, have no business being in the playoffs. The Rockies are 87-75 and the Diamondbacks are 93-69. You would think having a 6-game advantage over your opponent would be enough, but it’s one game, anything can happen. The winner gets to play the Dodgers (104-58).

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