NHL Season Preview

NHL Season Preview


The NHL season started on Wednesday. Yeah, in October. So here is just a sip of what to look for this season in Hockey.

Pittsburg Penguins: Can they 3-peat? They are the 8-1 odds favorite.

Edmonton Oilers: They have the reigning MVP and scoring champ in Connor McDavid. Everyone says he’s the next big star. Can he take the team with him?

Nashville Predators: In the Stanley Cup last year with a great young, defense minded team. Can they make it back?

Dallas Stars: 2 years ago, they had the most goals in the league. Last year they were awful defensively. They brought in a new coach who is a defensive guy, can they relight the fire and play for the Cup?

Washington Capitals: They have proven year after year they are a great team who can’t get it done when it matters. Will they finally apply their in-season success in the playoffs?

Detroit Redwings: They missed the playoffs last year for the first time since the 1990s, they haven’t gotten any better this year.

Vegas Golden Knights: 1st major sports team in Vegas. 31st franchise in the NHL. They have 200-1 odds to make it to the Stanley Cup.

LA Kings: Talk about a rebuild. They haven’t made the play offs twice in 3 seasons. They have a new coach and GM hoping to bring back the Cup.

NY Rangers: It’s all about Henrik Lundqvist. He won a Gold Medal in the World Championships. Can he be the dominate goalie of times past?

San Jose Sharks: They still have the core that has gotten them so close. They made very little changes in the off season, so though their core is getting old, they obviously think they are good enough to get it done.

St. Louis Blues: It’s all about which Jake Allen they have this season. And if as a team they can produce the offense they need.

For a much more detailed breakdown by the experts click here.

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