NBA Season Preview

NBA Season Preview

This off-season and season is all about the defending champion Golden State Warriors. Is there anyone that can beat them? There were some huge moves in the offseason with the rest of the league trying to compete with the 2-time Champs.

Big Off Season Moves

Oklahoma City Thunder

Add: Carmelo Anthony (Knicks) and Paul George (Pacers).

Anthony and George join last year’s MVP Russell Westbrook in an effort to avenge the deep loss they felt last season when Kevin Durant abandoned them for the Warriors.

Boston Celtics

Add: Kyrie Irving (Cavaliers) and Gordon Hayward (Jazz).

Irving and Hayward will try to push this team to the top of the Eastern Conference and into the NBA Finals.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Add: Isaiah Thomas (Celtics), Dwayne Wade (Bulls) and Derrick Rose (Knicks)

The Cavs have met the Warriors in the NBA Finals for 3 straight years, winning only once. They are attempting to get back there with two former MVPs in Wade and Rose and All-Star Thomas (though he has suffered from injuries and may not be able to play until mid-season).

Houston Rockets

Add: Chris Paul (Clippers)

Paul is the best point guard in basketball. The Rockets have a dynamic scorer in James Harden. They want to be a Championship caliber team. Too bad there are 3 other teams in West that do too.

Utah Jazz

Add: Ricky Rubio

This does not fill the gap left by All-Star Gordon Hayward leaving for Boston. But Rubio is a good player and could help the Jazz into another round of the Playoffs.


What to expect in the season


I expect the Golden State Warriors to be the best team in the League again this year. But never count out the San Antonio Spurs, with Popovich and Kwahi Leonard. They are always a threat. I could see them ending with a better record than the Warriors. Oklahoma City and Houston will be the other two top teams in the West. I think all four of these teams will be better than any team in the East


The Boston Celtics will have a better regular season than the Cavs. They are young, the have a great head coach and they are hungry. The Cavs for two seasons now have looked lethargic until December. That’s not going to be enough this year to stick with the Celtics.



Eastern Conference Final: Cavaliers vs Celtics

Result: As long as the Cavs still have LeBron James I’m picking them.

Western Conference Final: Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs

Result: Warriors over Spurs in 7 games of exciting basketball.

NBA Champions: Golden State Warriors for the 3rd time in 4 years. Yeah, they are that good.

MVP: Kwahi Leonard

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