MLB Championship Series



American League

Houston Astros: 2

New York Yankees: 2

[First team to 4 wins advances]

The series is now tied with both home teams winning. Yankees beat the Astros last night 6-4. Today they will face the Houston Astros Ace, Dallas Keuchel.

Game 5 in New York

Wednesday 4:08 pm on FS1

Game 6 in Houston

Friday 7:08 pm on FS1




National League

Los Angeles Dodgers: 3

Chicago Cubs: 0

[First team to 4 wins advances]

The Dodgers are dominating the Cubs in this series. Last night they went to Chicago and won 6-1. The Cubs hope to capture some magic from Jack Arrieta and stay in the series.

Game 4 in Chicago

Wednesday 8:01 pm on TBS

Game 5 in Chicago

Thursday 7:08 pm on TBS

One comment

  1. […] Darvish got throttled in his last start going only 5 outs in Game 3 (although he had 49 pitches). But Darvish is a great pitcher and being in a pitchers park should boost his confidence. His team has rallied around him through the Gurriell embarrassment and he’s a competitor out there. Darvish could be unhittable, he was in the Divisional Round. […]


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