Weekend Line-up: NFL


Is it just me, or is the NFL season been kind of boring? I really struggled to pull even 3 interesting games out for this weekend. But here they are:


Saints (3-2) @ Packers (4-2)

12 pm on FOX

The Packers just lost the most important player on their team and the best player in the league, Aaron Rodgers. Can they stay in the playoff hunt without their quarterback? This is the first game we will see.

Sunday Night Football

7:30 pm on NBC

Falcons (3-2) @ Patriots (4-2)

This is a replay of last year’s Super Bowl. The Falcons went 3-0 to start the season but have not won since. The Patriots, outside of Tom Brady have looked awful.


Monday Night Football

7:30 pm on ESPN

Redskins (3-2) @ Eagles (5-1)

These are division rivals who will go at it on Monday Night. This should be a great game. Are the Eagles really the best team in the NFL or are the Redskins the best team in the division?


1 loss teams: Philadelphia Eagles

Win-less teams: Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers.

Bye: Houston Texans and Detroit Lions

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