Weekend Clean-up: NFL


There were certainly some shockers this weekend, here they are:

LA Chargers drum the Broncos 21-0.

Now the Broncos are no good? The Chargers are suddenly contending? I have no idea. I do like seeing Chargers QB Philip Rivers doing well, he’s been a good player in the league for a long time without much team success. The Broncos offensive is inept, however their great defense gave up 21 points. Maybe the Broncos as a whole are not that good? That division is stacked.

Rams crush Cardinals 33-0

The Rams are still rolling. The Cardinals have a good offense the Rams D was able to shut out. Their offense has proven then can put up some big numbers every game.

Raiders beat Chiefs 31-30

This was the best thing I watched this weekend, even if it was Thursday. The ending to this game was phenomenal. I would not count either of these teams out of it.

Falcons lose again to the Patriots 7-23

I fell asleep watching this game, because it was never interesting. Matt Ryan is not the same player he was last year. The Patriots are the best organization in professional sports. They know how to win when it matters.


Monday Night Football

ESPN @ 7:30 pm

Redskins (3-2) @ Eagles (5-1)

This is a big game for the NFC. The Eagles are the last remaining 1 loss team. But the Redskins have playoff hopes themselves. This should be a great game.


1 Loss Teams: Eagles

Win-less Teams: Browns and 49ers

2 Loss Teams: 10

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