World Series Preview

Let’s Play Ball!

The Houston Astros will take on the LA Dodgers tonight in the first game of the 2017 World Series. Here’s what you need to know:

Starting Pitchers

Clayton Kershaw vs. Dallas Keuchel

Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball, and has been for 5 years. His stats are amazing, 144-64 in the regular season. MVP in 2014, Cy Young in 2011, 2013, 2014. He’s a 7-time All-Star. He has had the lowest ERA in 5 seasons and the most strike outs in two. However, he’s only 5-7 in the postseason and he’s playing in his 1st World Series. The only legitimate criticisms of him has been that he could not get it done when it mattered, it matters now.

Dallas Keuchel is a good pitcher in his own right, he won the Cy Young in 2015 and has been an All-Star twice. Unfortunately, on paper, he looks completely out of his league going against Kershaw.

Who to Watch For

Jose Altuve

Altuve is the 2nd Baseman for the Astros and he should be the MVP this year. He is a 5-time All-Star, he has a Gold Glove and earned the Batting Title 3 times. He is amazing to behold. His fielding is spectacular and his hitting is the lifeblood of his team. He can go long or he can move baserunners on, whatever needs to be done to keep the Astros in the game.

Corey Seager

Seager is the Dodger’s shortstop. He missed the last series against the Cubs because of an injured back but is back in the lineup for the World Series. He did not seem to be missed because of the depth of the LA bench. But he could be a game changer.


Who is going to win? Here’s a breakdown of the strengths of each team:

LA Dodgers:

104-58 regular season record

Best Player: Clayton Kershaw

Best Pitcher: Clayton Kershaw

Better Pitching Rotation

Better Bullpen

Best Closer: Kenley Jansen

Better Home Team (57-24)

Better Division

Better Bench



Houston Astros:

101-61 (regular season record)

Best Player: Jose Altuve (he can do it on offense and defense)

Better Road Team (53-28)

Playing for a city and fan base that has been dealt with tragedy this year



World Series Television Schedule

Game 1 in Los Angeles

Tuesday @ 7pm on FOX

Game 2 in Los Angeles

Wednesday @ 7pm on FOX

Game 3 in Houston

Friday @ 7 pm on FOX

Game 4 in Houston

Saturday @ 7 pm on FOX

Game 5 in Houston

Sunday @ 7 pm on FOX

Game 6 in Los Angeles

Tuesday @7 pm on FOX

Game 7 in Los Angeles

Wednesday @ 7 pm on FOX


I’m picking the Dodgers to win in 7.


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