NFL Mid-Season Awards

NFL Mid-Season Review


The NFL is at its halfway point- kinda. So, here is mid-season awards. If you have been watching baseball and missed out on the first half of the season, here is a quick way to catch up.


Best Team


Kansas City Chiefs (5-2).

They won 5 straight but have hit some hiccups the last 2 games. Games that were winnable and they were in the whole time. I think they are the best team in the League, but decided to break it up by division become the next team does have a better record despite being beat by the Chiefs.


Philadelphia Eagles (6-1)

They are the only 1 loss team still out there. The lone loss is from the Chiefs. They really have not had any premier wins this year, but sure had a great win against the Redskins on Monday.


Worst Team


Cleveland Browns (0-7)

No one has been fired but no one expects anything out of a franchise that has been terrible since inception.


San Francisco 49ers (0-7)

Sad because this is a historically premier franchise. But they cannot do anything right.



Alex Smith (Kansas City Chiefs)

Smith has 15 touchdowns and no interceptions this year. Last year he had a season total of 15 touch downs to 8 interceptions. He has 1,979 yards with a completion rate of 72.4 percent. Smith is having a fantastic year. Even in his last loss on the road to division rival the Raiders his offense put up 30 points. He’s having a great year.

Best Coach

The answer to this is always Bill Belichick as long as he’s still on the field. But he has a run for his money for the season. Sean McVay has already made me doubt my own life achievements, and he probably has for most NFL Head Coaches. He tool the 7-9 Rams of last year to actual contenders this year. They sit at 5-2 on the season at the top of their division with some quality wins under their belt.

Best Division

AFC West

Chiefs (5-2)

Broncos (3-3)

Chargers (3-4)

Raiders (3-4)


Worst Division

AFC South

Titans (4-3)

Jags (4-3)

Texans (3-3)

Colts (2-5)

Also in the running

NFC West

Rams (5-2)

Seahawks (4-2)

Cardinals (3-4)

49ers (0-7)

Stories out of the NFL 

The Biggest story has been all about kneeling during the national anthem. Here is a whole post to give you a full picture of all sides of the story.

The other big story has been about Ezekiel Elliott. The accusations of domestic violence and his suspension and how he is still playing. A comprehensive look at this story can be found here.



  1. Pro football did not end with the retirement of Payton Manning, and believe it or not, actually existed before him. While there is no excuse for the past few decades, the Browns have not been “terrible since inception”. They won eight championships before the birth of the Super Bowl, and were for a long time the most dominate pro football franchise. Even young pups might recognize names like Otto Graham, Jim Brown, and Lou Groza. The Browns may deserve a description as the largest demise of a pro football franchise, but they absolutely have NOT been terrible since inception.


    • The Browns you speak of are now the Baltimore Ravens. The Cleveland Browns of those historic teams you mentioned became the Baltimore Ravens in 1996 when the owner Art Modell moved the team. The current Cleveland Browns franchise came into existence with the the expansion in 1999. The Cleveland Browns franchise has had 2 winning seasons to its history (2002 and 2007). I believe describing them as “terrible since inception” with only 2 winning seasons to a franchise’s record is accurate if you correctly define the current Cleveland franchise being from 1999-present.

      But thanks for reading and commenting! Keep cheering for the lovable loser.


      • Wrong on so many levels…

        The Cleveland Browns relocation controversy, sometimes referred to by fans as “The Move”, was the decision by then-Browns owner Art Modell to relocate the National Football League (NFL)’s Cleveland Browns from its long-time home of Cleveland to Baltimore during the 1995 NFL season. Subsequent legal actions by the city of Cleveland and Browns season ticket holders led the NFL to broker a compromise that saw the Browns history, records, and intellectual property remain in Cleveland. In return, Modell was permitted to move his football organization to Baltimore where he established the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are officially regarded by the NFL as an expansion team that began play in 1996. The city of Cleveland agreed to demolish Cleveland Stadium and build a new stadium on the same site, and the NFL agreed to reactivate the Browns by the 1999 season through either an expansion draft or a relocated franchise. The Browns were officially reactivated in 1998 through the expansion process and resumed play in 1999.

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  2. I should more accurately describe them as the worst franchise of the last 20 years, then. I was unaware Cleveland held on to the history of the franchise in the move. Thank you for correcting.


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