World Series Game 2 Recap

Game 2 Recap

In one of the most exciting games, the Astros beat the Dodgers 7-6 in the 11th inning. Quick confession, I almost never watch the games live. Baseball without the ability to fast forward the commercials is difficult and if I am being honest, my bed time is 9 and I’m asleep by 10. Recording has been my savior and I almost always record the games and pick up where I fell asleep the next morning. I always try to add on an extra hour to make sure I get the whole game. I was unable to see the last inning and a half of last night’s game. I had to look it up because it was so intense when my recording ran out when the Dodgers tied it in the 10th!! Suffice it to say, now I will be adding on an hour and a half. But if you missed it all, you missed a great game and I have the recap for you.


Justin Verlander was amazing. He went 6 innings gave up only 2 hits and 3 runs. However, he left the game trailing 1-3. His most important contribution may have been him coming out of the locker room to yell a rallying cry to his teammates as they almost let a late rally by the Dodgers shift the momentum.

The Dodger’s bullpen is not invincible. 0, that’s how many runs the Dodger Bullpen had allowed in the Postseason this far. Last night they gave up a run in the 8th, 9th and 2 in the 10th and 11th innings. Dodger’s closer, Kenley Jansen who has looked unhittable, pitched 2 innings gave up 3 hits and 2 runs. The Dodgers put out 8 different relievers last night, depleting their bullpen.

The Astros offense finally put it together. This offense is good, but the question going into the series was which was better, the Dodgers pitching or the Astros hitting. Game 1 went resoundingly to the Dodgers. Game 2, the Astros were able to keep grinding and keep responding. The top of their line-up of Springer, Bregman, Altuve and Correa all had hits and RBI’s on the game. Every time the Dodgers offense came up big, the Astros were able to respond.


If you’d like a video highlight click here.


Game 3 in Houston

Friday at 7 pm on FOX

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