Weekend Line-up: College Football

College Football


College Football has some good ranked battles this weekend, there will most certainly be some shifting and jostling in the Top 25 after Saturday’s games. Here are the games to watch:


#2 Penn State @ #6 Ohio State

2:30 pm on FOX

This is the biggest matchup of the college football weekend and a battle for the BIG 10. Penn State is undefeated and hopes to clinch a spot in the College Football Playoff by winning the conference. 1 loss Ohio State stands in their way. Urban Meyer, the coach of Ohio State, knows how to win these games.


#4 TCU @ #25 Iowa State

2:30 pm on ESPN

Unlike the BIG 10 the BIG 12 Champion does not automatically earn a spot in the College Football Playoff. TCU remains unbeaten but 2-loss Iowa State could be just tricky enough to hand them their first loss.


#14 NC State @ #9 Notre Dame

2:30 pm on NBC

All the talking heads can talk about this week is Notre Dame’s stomping of the USC Trojans last week and how they are a Playoff contender. Their only loss is against #3 Georgia early in the season and it is one of the best losses in football. But they have to get past a one-loss NC State this weekend.


#11 Oklahoma State # #22 West Virginia

11 am on ABC

Another BIG 12 match-up. Oklahoma State and West Virginia have both lost to TCU while West Virginia has another loss to Virginia Tech. Oklahoma State is trying hard to stay relevant in the BIG 12 Championship. West Virginia could dash their hopes this weekend at home.

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