Weekend Line-up: NFL


Here are the best match-ups for the NFL this weekend:


Bills (4-2) @ Raiders (3-4)

12 pm on CBS

The Raiders are coming off a key win against one of the best teams in football last week. The Bills are one of ten 2-loss teams. This could be a key turnaround of the Raiders or a leaping point for the Bills.


Chargers (3-4) @ Patriots (5-2)

12 pm on CBS

The Chargers have been on a roll winning 3 straight. The Patriots have looked good, bad and mediocre this season. If the Chargers want to compete in their stacked division this is a key game.


Sunday Night Football

NBC at 7:30 pm

Steelers (5-2) @ Lions (3-3)

The Steelers, since their diva quarterback pined about how he might be done, have been on a roll. The Lions have flashes of greatness but a steadier stream of mediocrity. Hopefully this is a compelling match up.


Monday Night Football

7:30 pm on ESPN

Broncos (3-3) @ Chiefs (5-2)

No one knows what to think of the Broncos, they came into the season with Super Bowl talk and now sit at a .500 record. The Chiefs are good, very good, but have been beaten their last two games one against both the Chiefs and Broncos division rival. This is a matchup of bitterness and meaning. This is probably going to be the best game of the weekend.

Bye: Packers, Titans, Rams, Giants, Cardinals and Jaguars


1-loss: Eagles (vs 49ers)

Win-less: 49ers (vs Eagles) and Browns (vs Vikings)

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