Weekend Line-up: the World Series


World Series

If you want to know what you should be watching this weekend, it’s baseball. The World Series heads to Houston for Games 3, 4 and 5 this weekend with the series currently tied at 1-1. The Astros are 6-0 at home this postseason outscoring their opponents 31-7. But the Dodgers have proven in the regular season and postseason they can win anywhere against anyone. Here’s a breakdown of the 3 games on this weekend.


Game 3 Friday @ 7 pm on FOX

Yu Darvish (LAD) vs. Lance Mcullers Jr. (HOU)

Darvish was a huge trade at the deadline by the Dodgers. He is a 4-time All-Star with a 10-7 record and a regular season ERA of 3.86. But his last 5 starts have been career record good, he has a .86 ERA. He has given up only 2 solo home runs in 11 1/3 innings pitched with 14 strike outs. Darvish is fantastic on the road. If Darvish can pitch to the Astros the way he pitched to the Cubs, the Dodgers will win this game.

Lance McCullers Jr. is a one time All Star with a 7-4 record on the year. He has a regular season ERA of 4.25 and in 13 innings pitched this postseason a 2.08 ERA. McCullers is a modest back end of a pitching rotation but for the Astros to get the win his offense is going to have to come up big against Darvish and he must be able to hold the Dodgers offense to only a couple of runs.



Game 4 Saturday @ 7 pm on FOX

Alex Wood (LAD) vs Charlie Morton (HOU)

Wood has been an All-Star and has a 16-7 record on the year. He had a 2.72 ERA for the regular season. His last start in the postseason was a 3-2 loss to the Cubs. He only pitched 4.2 innings but allowed 4 hits and 3 home runs. The Astros offense at home could really light Wood up and make the Dodgers use their bullpen early and extensively.

Charlie Morton is 14-7 on the season with a 3.62 ERA. Expect this game to be a game of offense and scrambling bullpens. Astros have the advantage at home but it may come down to which starting pitcher can hold on longer and which bullpen can shut down the opposing offense.


Game 5 Sunday @ 7 pm on FOX

Clayton Kershaw (LAD) vs. Dallas Keuchel (HOU)

A rematch of the two Aces but in Houston. When Kershaw is on he’s unbeatable. If Keachel can be as good as he was in Game 1 and the Astros offense have just a little more success against Kershaw, this game could be won by Houston. Click here to read the preview of Game 1 and here for the results of Game 1 to see how these pitchers could look on Sunday.



Game 3: LA Dodgers

Game 4: Houston Astros

Game 5: LA Dodgers

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