Weekend Clean-up: NFL


The NFL was a week of mediocrity. Sunday Night Football was so overshadowed by the World Series that the Steelers 20-15 win over the Lions was not worth flipping channels to watch. Here’s a recap on the games we highlighted on the Line-up on Friday:


The Bills (5-2) defeated the Raiders (3-5) 34-14

The Patriots (6-2) defeated the Chargers (3-5) 21-13


Monday Night Football

ESPN @ 7:30 pm

Broncos (3-3) @ Chiefs (5-2)

I think the Chiefs are the best team in the AFC, here is another division rival that could trip them up. The Chiefs are on a 2-loss streak, can they turn it around at home? The Broncos were supposed to be a good year, but at 3-3 they do not look like anything special. There is a lot on the line for both teams this week.


1-loss teams: Philadelphia Eagles

Win-less teams: San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns

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