Yes or No: World Series Beard Edition

Yes or No

There are good, bad and ugly beards out there. Athletes tend to be superstitious about their facial hair, I get to sit back and categorize them on good beards and bad beards.

Here are the yes and no’s for World Series participants with beards or lack there of.


Yes, Logan Forseyth.MLB: Kansas City Royals at Tampa Bay Rays Its clean, its full and its red. Best Beard Award


No, Yasiel Puig.

Yasiel Puig beard

Is that a beard or a pen mark?


Yes, Charlie Culberson.


Oh yes, this is what a beard is supposed to look like, groomed but a little rugged.


No, Dallas Keuchel.

Dallas Keuchel 1

Stringy and too long


Yes, Evan Gattis.

Evan Gattis World Series 1

If we’re going all out Mountain Man style, you can still make it look clean and groomed.


No, Justin Turner.


I really want to like it. It’s red, its flowing. But it’s too unkept and blends with the long hair.


Yes, Jose Altuve.

Jose Altuve

A little 5 o’clock shadow never hurt anybody. And Altuve does it well.

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