World Series Game 7 Preview

Game 7

It’s what everybody was hoping for, a Game 7 to top off the epicness of this World Series. The average ticket price for the game tonight is $1795. This is but $300 dollars cheaper than last year’s Game 7 but Dodger Stadium holds 16,000 more seats than Cleveland does.

The viewership for this series has also been historic. On Sunday night the Game 5 masterpiece watched more than Sunday Night Football by over 30 percent. This Game 7 could have the highest viewership in World Series history.

Here’s your preview of Game 7

Starting Pitchers

Yu Darvish vs. Lance McCullers Jr.

Darvish got throttled in his last start going only 5 outs in Game 3 (although he had 49 pitches). But Darvish is a great pitcher and being in a pitchers park should boost his confidence. His team has rallied around him through the Gurriell embarrassment and he’s a competitor out there. Darvish could be unhittable, he was in the Divisional Round.

Lance McCullers Jr only made it 5.1 innings in Game 3. Can he shut down the Dodgers Offense? If he cannot, according to ESPN, “Astros plan to have everyone available behind McCullers, which means Game 6 starter Justin Verlander could pitch and Game 5 starter Dallas Keuchel will definitely be ready to go in the bullpen.” Dallas Keuchel said what both pitching staffs are thinking, “It’s Game 7, I’ll empty the tank.”

“It’s Game 7, I’ll empty the tank.”

-Dallas Keuchel

Both teams are going to give everything they have. Clayton Kershaw is expected to be in the bullpen again for the Dodgers. There’s a chance some of the pitchers see only one batter or a couple of outs. It’s all out there now. It should be the grand finale of one of the all-time great World Series.

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