World Series: Blame and Praise

The World Series Game 7

The Astros won Game 7 and the World Series 5-1. Sadly, baseball season passes and we must wait until next spring for it to return. Until then, I’m passing out Blame and Praise for how the Commissioners Trophy ended up in Houston.



Justin Turner

Turner had a batting average of .322 for the 2017 season. He was the NLCS MVP just two weeks ago. But in the last 7 days he’s had .188 BA with only 4 hits in the World Series and no RBI’s. Turner is a dynamic hitter and RBI machine, but the machine was off this series and when the Dodgers needed the offense most he came up empty in Game 7.


Yu Darvish

This pains me to say because he is one of my favorite players in the league and the way he handled the controversy of the week has been classy, but he stunk. He was the starter for Game 3 and 7 and his stat line looks the same for both: 1.2 inning pitched, 0 strikeouts and 4 earned runs. Darvish was an important trade at the deadline from the Rangers but he could not deliver when the Dodgers needed him most.


The Dodger Rookies: Cody Bellinger and Cory Seager

They are young, so I could give them a pass. But they went 0-4 and 1-4 in Game 7. They had chances to change the outcome of the game, but they did not.



George Springer

Springer was the World Series MVP with 5 home runs in the series and a batting average of .400. He went 2-5 in Game 7 with 2 RBI’s. His been through the lows with this team, it was great to see him perform well enough and in a timely manner to host two trophies last night.


Jose Altuve

It’s hard not to come out of the postseason liking Altuve, he’s the Steph Curry of the Majors. He’s small but he packs a big punch. He had a postseason batting average of .310 but that does not do his timely hitting and defense justice. He, multiple times, changed the game.,


The Astros Franchise

They made a plan and stuck to it. They went through the lowest of the lows before hitting the summit of last night. They had 100-loss seasons and bottom of the rankings for year after year. But they drafted well, they developed their players and they made some key trades late to launch them here. The Astros and Houston should soak in this win, they were one of the best teams in baseball all season and deserve the trophy and title of World Champions.

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