Yes or No: Thursday Night Football Jersey’s

After the Seattle Seahawks victory over the Arizona Cardinals, 22-17 last night let’s play “Yes or No” with the monochrome TNF Jerseys.

Seattle Seahawks: No

TNF uniforms Seahawks

When they were playing it looked like floating heads bouncing around the field.


Tennessee Titans: Yes

TNF Titans

The Blue on Blue looks good. A little feminine by picking the powered blue, but a good look.

Minnesota Vikings: Yes

TNF Vikings

If your going to go monochrome, own it. they did.

New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers: No

Aren’t these just their home jersey’s? No dedication, they get a No


Miami Dolphins: Yes

TNF Miami

Committed, unique color, a little obnoxious all what the Color Rush is about.


Washington Redskins: No 

TNF Redskinds

They look like a spill of mustard and ketchup and the mustard won.


New York Jets: Yes

TNF Jets

These are probably my favorite, I wonder if they will blend with the grass and be invisible?

Jacksonville Jaguars: No

TNF Jaguars

The worst of the bunch

Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles: No

Like those that chose to just do white, this shows a lack of commitment.

Kansas City Chiefs: Yes

TNF Chiefs

The Chiefs barely made it on the commitment, these look a lot like their regular uniforms. But their regular uniforms are great.

Denver Broncos: Yes

TNF Broncos

Looking good in that orange.

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