Sporting Events with Kids

Different Sporting Events

College Football: This is my favorite to go to. Usually there is plenty of empty seats with large stadiums for children to wander. The games are chalk full of other small children. Our team, SMU, has bounce houses every game that we frequent. Stay away from the student section and stay in the alumni sections. This will keep the language and alcohol level appropriate. You can usually find inexpensive seats and bring snacks.

College Basketball: As I said in my other post we regularly go to the SMU basketball games. Basketball arenas are usually not as children friendly as football stadiums. But there are usually cheap seats and room to move.

Minor League Baseball: This is another favorite of ours. Our local team is the Frisco Rough Riders. They have some really great ticket options that include unlimited food for $20. All seats are good seats at the smaller ballparks. Baseball is also a good sport for kids, the opportunity to catch a ball helps with focus.

Major League Baseball: The difference with Major and Minor leagues for a kid’s perspective is the size of the stadium. While Major league parks are obviously bigger it allows kids the opportunity to roam and try different seats.

College Swimming: This is a great sport for little kids. There is always something going on, it only lasts 2 hours and the roaming options are great. Tickets are so cheap the whole family can come.

D-League Basketball: This is another good, cheap option for your kids. We have never taken our kids to a NBA game because of price of tickets. Roaming is usually pretty good at the D-League level but the size of the seats, from our experience, are very small.

Hockey: Hockey games are a blast with kids. It’s always loud and there are really no bad seats. It gets cold, so convincing kids to stay warm has been frustrating. But these are great sporting events to try.

NASCAR: This is a tricky event for little kids. It is LOUD! But it’s also loud, so they can get in all kinds of mischief and there is no embarrassment. The infield is a fun way to get your kids in on the action but from our experiences the tickets are pricey.

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