Weekend Line-up: NFL


Mediocre games to choose from again this week. Here are the tops picks:


Saints (6-2) @ Bills (5-3)

12 pm on FOX


It is hard to believe the Saints might be actual contenders this year. With only two losses they are one of the best teams in the league. The Bills too are a surprisingly good team. A game of offense (Saints) verse defense (Bills) should make this an entertaining game.


Cowboys (5-3) @ Falcons (4-4)

4:25 on FOX

Both of these teams are unreliable. Both teams have had some impressive wins and some losses that have you shaking your head.


Sunday Night Football

7:30 pm on NBC

Patriots (6-2) @ Broncos (3-5)

The Patriots are good, like always. The Broncos are disappointing, maybe they can pull something together.


Monday Night Football

7:30 pm on ESPN

Dolphins (4-4) @ Panthers (6-3)

Second week in a row that the Dolphins get a national audience. They lost last week and the Panthers are a good team.


BYE: Ravens, Chiefs, Raiders and Eagles

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