Adoption in Sports

Adoption in Sports

November is National Adoption Month. Adoption is near and dear to our hearts, from dear friends we have watched be blessed by adoption to our own journey through the adoption process. I would like to dedicate a blog in honor of Adoption and highlight athletes that have engaged in the adoption process, from those that were adopted themselves or have adopted their own children.

Aaron Judge Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge was a phenom this year as an outfielder and major hitter for the New York Yankees. He is a 6’11” beast of an athlete out there. He was also adopted as a new born. He was raised by teachers in Linden, California.Aaron Judge paretns

Colin Kaepernick Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick has made a new name over the last year. But he is a quarterback that has played in the Super Bowl for the 49ers and stunned NFL defenses through his arm and legs. Now he is the figure of either scorn or admiration, depending on where you stand with the National Anthem Protests. He was adopted as a baby when his mother, a single mom, bravely put him up for adoption. Colin Kaepernick with parents

Simone BilesSimon Biles

Biles is probably the greatest female gymnast of all time. She dominated the Rio Olympics in classy style. She and her sister were also adopted as children by their maternal grandparents whom they call “Mom” and “Dad”.Biles with parents

Michael OherMichael Oher

Michael’s story is told in the Academy Award winning movie, The Blind Side as well as a best-selling book by the same name. I personally know Michael and the Touey family, having gone to the same high school. The adoption story of Oher shows that not all adoptions look the same or come at the same time. Sometimes, adoption is thrust upon families. However the blessings are just as great.Michael Oher with family

Dan O’Brien 


O’Brien was the great American Olympian of the 1990s and an University of Idaho grad (Go Vandals!) He was also adopted at age 2 and raised with 6 other adopted children.

Bubba WatsonBubba watson

Watson has made a name for himself by winning Majors and driving the ball forever. He is also a huge adoption advocate. He and his wife have adopted both of their 2 children.

James Buescher James Buescher

Buescher is a NASCAR driver who has set up a foundation that financially helps adopting families. They opened their foundation after he and his wife entered the adoption journey.

Babe Ruth Babe Ruth

Probably the most famous athlete associated with adoption that really has no ties to the adoption world. Read about Babe’s adoption myth here.

Babe Ruth family

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