Weekend Clean up: Women’s Cross Country NCAA Championship

New MexicoThe University of New Mexico stood atop the individual and team podium this weekend in the NCAA Cross Country Championship. UNMs Edna Kurgat won the individual with a new NCAA record of 19:19.5.

Team Results:

  1. University of New Mexico (90)
  2. San Francisco (105)
  3. Colorado (139)
  4. Stanford (165)
  5. Oregon (203)


Individual Results:

  1. Edna Kurgat (UNM) 19:19.5
  2. Amy-Eloise Neale (Washington) 19:27.0
  3. Charlotte Taylor (San Francisco) 19:28.6
  4. Allie Ostrander (Boise State) 19:31:2
  5. Weronika Pyzik (San Francisco) 19:34.0


Full Results 

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