Democracy or the Mob?

The Fear of Democracy

The United States of America is not a democracy. It is a Republic, all the Founding Fathers rejected pure democracy. They feared the masses. With the rise of social media, we can understand their fears. The University of Tennessee Head Coach hiring over the weekend proves their point.

The University of Tennessee was set to hire Greg Schiano over the weekend. Schiano has an impressive resume, he is currently the Defensive Coordinator for Ohio State, one of the top program in the country. He has also been a Head Coach in the NFL. At the beginning of his career he was an assistant at Penn State under Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno. Sandusky was convicted of raping the children of his charity in 2012. He was fired and imprisoned and the Hall of Fame Head Coach Joe Paterno was fired for covering up the scandal for d

Schiano Child Rape
This was painted on UT’s campus. There is no collaborating evidence to this statement. 

ecades. Other than working as a Defense Assistant there is no credible linkage of Schiano with covering up the Sandusky scandal. But that did not stop an outcry.

University of Tennessee students, faculty and alumni were outraged at the hiring. Politicians a-like came out in condemnation of the hiring. The masses spoke out against Schiano claiming he covered up child molestation. They cost him his job and possibly career opportunities going forward without the convenience of truth.

This is the masses at work. They did not want Schiano so they found an unsubstantiated reason to dismiss him. His reputation tarnished, his future employment in question and all a result of the mob mentality.

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