Weekend Line-up: NCAA Women’s Soccer

The NCAA Women’s Soccer Tournament will have its two Semi-Final matches today and the Final will be on Sunday. Here is what you need to know:

#1 Stanford vs. #1 South Carolina

Stanford comes in at the overall #1 and best team in the country. They will face off against the top SEC team who was ranked #3.


#1 Duke vs. #2 UCLA

Duke was the last of the #1 seeds in the tournament and came into the tournament ranked #4 nationwide. UCLA did not have to play the #1 seed in their bracket, North Carolina, who lost to Princeton in the Quarters. UCLA is the most recent of the final four to win the NCAA Championship, winning it in 2013.

Complete bracket here.


  1. Stanford (18-1)
  2. North Carolina (15-2-2)
  3. South Carolina (15-2-1)
  4. Duke (19-2)
  5. UCF (13-1-3)
  6. Texas A&M (17-2-1)
  7. West Virginia (15-3-2)
  8. UCLA (15-2-2)
  9. Princeton (14-2)
  10. Penn State (12-4-4)


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