Weekend Line-up: NFL

Christmas Eve will be a day of the NFL. There will be no Sunday Night Football this week, but there will be two games on Monday. Here are the games to watch:

Bills (8-6) @ Patriots (11-3)

12 pm on CBS


Falcons (9-5) @ Saints (10-4)

12 pm on FOX

The most compelling game of the day. The NFC South is the strongest division in football with both the Saints and Panthers at 10-4 and the Falcons a game behind. If anyone else wants a Wild Card, they will be very interested in this game.


Rams (10-4) @ Titans (8-6)

12 pm on FOX


Seahawks (8-6) @ Cowboys (8-6)

3:30 on FOX

Along with the Detriot Lions, these two 8-6 teams are on the outside looking for a shot for the Wild Card. A loss here ends the season. A win keeps the flame alive.


Monday Night Games

Steelers (11-3) @ Texans (4-10)

3:30 pm on NFLN


Raiders (6-8) @ Eagles (12-2)

7:30 pm on ESPN

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