Yes and No: AFC Head Coaches

The NFL Season is coming to it’s close. The Playoffs become impossible for some and with it, Head Coaches will be nervously hoping to hold their job. Here is a list of AFC NFL Head Coaches and whether they should be nervous for their job.

Bill BilichickBill Bilichick: New England Patriots 

No, he has the safest job in the NFL, actually aside from Gregg Popovich at the Spurs, he has the most sure position in professional sports.


Sean McDermontSean McDermont: Buffalo Bills 

No, at 8-6 the Bills are relevant and on the right track. They are constantly trailing the Pats, but that doesn’t make his job in jeopardy.



NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Miami DolphinsAdam Gase: Miami Dolphins  

Yes, another losing season sitting at 6-8. They had a big win against the Patriots but that’s not what this historic franchise deserves.



Todd BowlesTodd Bowles: New York Jets

Yes, 5-9 is not going to keep you around another year.



Mike TomlinMike Tomlin: Pittsburg Steelers 

No, I really thought at the beginning of this season he would be in trouble. But he turned the ship around and sits atop the AFC. Shame on me for doubting him.


john harbaughJohn Harbough: Baltimore Ravens

Yes, something is wrong with the Ravens and I think Harbough will be the first domino to fall.



Marvin LewisMarvin Lewis: Cinncinnati Bengals 

Yes, and I think it’s the wrong choice. Lewis has a winning record with the Bengals and has brought them to the playoffs seven times.



Hue JacksonHue Jackson: Cleveland Browns 

No, they have said as much. The Browns are a mess.



Jaguars BuffaloGus Bradley: Jacksonville Jaguars 

No, seriously where did the Jags come from?




Mike MularkeyMike Mularkey: Tennessee Titans 

No, I have heard rumor he could be fired but he is developing their star quarterback well.



Bill ObrienBill O’Brien: Houston Texans 

Yes. He’s be shocked with injuries this year. But I still don’t think he’ll make it to the next season.


Chuck PaganoChuck Pagano: Indianapolis Colts 

Yes, this is two seasons later than it could have been and a season later than it should have been.


Andy RiedAndy Reid: Kansas City Chiefs

No, somehow a magical season has turned into a trial of grit. But he’ll lead them to the playoffs and hold onto his job.



Mike McCoyMike McCoy: LA Chargers 

No… yes? I don’t know. He’s pulled together a semi-respectable season and the Chargers have such low expectations as a franchise as it is.



Jack Del RioJack Del Rio: Oakland Raiders 

Yes, I think Del Rio loses his job this off season. I think he deserves another shot but I don’t think the Raiders will give it to him.



Vance JosephVance Joseph: Denver Broncos 

Yes, but I could see the Broncos giving him another season. They don’t rush into or out of things. But this season has been a disaster.




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