Yes or No: NFC Head Coaches

With the playoffs almost upon us there are teams that are out and teams that are going to be looking for a new head coach. Will these coaches be fired at the end of the season?

Doug Peterson

Doug Pederson: Philadelphia Eagles 

No, safe as can be. He has the best team in the NFC.

Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett: Dallas Cowboys

No, his owner and GM have chosen to stick with him. There have been other seasons where his job was in more jeopardy than this. He weathered them then, he will weather them now.

Jay Gruden

Jay Gruden: Washington Redskins 

Yes, I’d be shocked if he lasts another season.

Steve Spagnolo

Steve Spagnuolo: New York Giants

Yes, the Giants already fired Ben McAdoo, I don’t the Spagnuolo is their answer.

Mike Zimmerman

Mike Zimmerman: Minnesota Vikings

No, the Vikings stuck with him in some trouble times and are being paid back for the patience. Hopefully for him he can get some playoff wins.

Jim Caldwell

Jim Caldwell: Detroit Lions 

Yes, the Lions are so close to being contenders. I don’t think Caldwell will get another chance.

Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy: Green Bay Packers 

No, this is a well run franchise, they will make no gut reactions to a disappointing season.

John Fox.jpg

John Fox: Chicago Bears

Yes, he won’t get another season with the dismal Bears.

Sean Payton

Sean Payton: New Orleans Saints

No, he is the face of the franchise.

Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera: Carolina Panthers 

No, again a few weeks ago I thought he was out. He turned his season around and should stay on with the Panthers.

Dan Quinn

Dan Quinn: Atlanta Falcons

No, another great season coming off a Super Bowl appearance. He is safe.

Dirk Koetter.jpg

Dirk Koetter: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

No, full disclosure I did not know who this was. He is in his first season in the best division in football, he should get another shot next season.

Sean McVay

Sean McVay: LA Rams

No, the Rams look like geniuses for hiring this 30-something.

Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll: Seattle Seahawks

No, he is beloved with his city and his team. He will survive a disappointing season.

Bruce Arians

Bruce Arians: Arizona Cardinals 

Yes, he has had two disappointing seasons. I don’t think he coaches in Arizona again.

Kyle Shanahan

Kyle Shanahan: San Francisco 49ers

No, he has a quarterback and seems to be doing the right things to turn a historic franchise around. Ha.

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