Weekend Clean-up: NBA

Hopefully your Christmas was as wonderful as ours. Ours had the NBA games on from 11 am until my Father-in-law turned it to the NFL to my chagrin. Here are the results from the Christmas Day marathon of NBA basketball.


76ers beat the Knicks 105-98.

The 76ers are now tenth in the East while the Knicks still hold the 8th spot in the same Conference. This game was close until the end of the fourth quarter.

The Cavaliers lost to the Warriors 92-99.

I missed the end of this game by losing control of the remote to my elder. It was exciting and close when I lost track.

The Wizards beat the Celtics 111-103.

The loss bumped the Celtics from the tops spot in both the East and the NBA. They now are second in the East with the third best record in the NBA. The Wizards played great basketball.

The Thunder shocked the Rockets 112-107.

I had almost written off the Thunder but this was a big win for them. The Rockets are now behind Golden State in the West.

Timberwolves man-handled the Lakers 121-104.

The Timberwolves are 4th in the West and the Lakers are out of contention at twelfth.


East Standings

  1. Toronto (23-8)
  2. Boston (27-10)
  3. Cleveland (24-10)
  4. Indiana ( 19-14)
  5. Detriot (18-14)

West Standings

  1. Golden State (27-7)
  2. Houston (25-7)
  3. San Antonio (23-11)
  4. Minnesota (21-13)
  5. Oklahoma City (19-15)


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