Collegiate Wrestling Scoring

Wrestling Scoring and other Basic Information on the Sport

In tournament, collegiate wrestling there are 4 different ways to victory. A Decision (Dec) is when a wrestler wins by fewer than 8 points. This is the most common victory in wrestling. In team scoring a wrestler that wins by a Decision gains their team points. If they are in the Front End (meaning loss-less) they earn 2 points. If they are in the Backend or Wrestlebacks (meaning they have a loss and are making their way through the loser’s bracket) they earn their team one point for each Decision win.

A Major Decision (MD) is won by 8-15 points, in tournament play a Major Decision in an individual event will earn the team a bonus point.

A Technical Fall or Tech Fall the winning wrestler wins by over 15 points and the match is ended at that point. A team earns 1.5 bonus points toward the teams score with a Tech Fall.

A Pin or a Fall is when an opponent is pinned and the match is over. For a Pin a team earns an extra 2 points.

If the match goes into Overtime it is called a Sudden Victory (SV).

Other ways teams earn points is through individuals placing. A Quarterfinal winner (8 remaining wrestlers) wins their team an extra 3 points. The winner when there are four remaining wrestlers (Semi-Finals) earns their team 9 points as long as they are still in the Front End (winners bracket). The Championship winner earns an additional 4 points for their team. Thus, the Individual champion earns their team 16 bonus points through placing. Add on their points for 5 victories in front end they earn an addition 10 points towards the team total. If they win any of those through other than a Decision they are awarded addition points.

On the Backend or Wrestlebacks, bonus points are also awarded for placing. In the Quarterfinals (8 remaining) the winners earn 3 points for their team. The Semi Final (4 left) earn 4 points. The Consolation Final (3rd place finisher) earns their team 2 points and the 5th place finisher also earns their team 2 points.

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