Sports Quiz


Test your knowledge on your sports trivia.


  1. When I signed with the Louisville Colonels as a 3rd baseman I was forced to the outfield because the Colonels 3rd baseman was the best player in baseball. Fortunately for me this player would move to shortstop, allowing me to be the starting 3rd baseman on the National League Champion representing the National League in the first modern World Series. In the first inning of the first game I got the first hit in the history of the World Series, it was a triple off Cy Young. I would earn a World Series Title 6 years later. After a 19 year career I would retire holding the National League Record for most career inside-the-park home runs, a record I still hold.


  1. I played four years at DePaul University, winning an NIT Title and being college basketball player of the year my last two years. I then signed with the Chicago American Gears of the National Basketball League and soon became the dominate player in professional basketball. I stayed with the American Gears when they changed leagues in 1947, but when that team folded I became the property of one of the most storied franchises in Pro Basketball history. I stayed with that franchise for the remaining twelve years of my playing career. I won championships in the National Basketball League, the Basketball Association of America, and the National Basketball Association, winning seven total championships. The Goaltending Rule was implemented due to my ability to guard the basket.
  2. My given name was Joseph, but am better known by my nickname. I won a World Series Title as one of the “Gashouse Gang”. I was removed from the 7th game of that World Series when the Commissioner himself removed me from the game after sliding into 3rd base on a triple. I also played for the National League Champions six years later. I’m probably the least known player to win the triple crown, but am a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  3. I won as many Major Championships as John McEnroe and only one less than Jimmy Connors. I won three of the four majors in the same year, defeating, and replacing him as the #1 Player in the World, the #1 Player in the World in the U.S. Open Final in a five set, five hour marathon. I’m very rarely mentioned as one of the greatest players, because I played in the shadow of another great player from my country who retired as I was getting started. My legacy was further tarnished when I failed a drug test late in my career.
  4. I won major championships in three different decades. I’m in the top ten for career PGA Tour wins. I was probably the best putter of my generation. Two of my Major victories were in a playoff, one was the result of one of the most famous comebacks in golf history when I made up six strokes on the final nine holes to catch one of the true icons of our game, then beat him in an 18-hole playoff the next day. I’m the father of 11 children and have 71 grandchildren.
  5. I won the Heisman Trophy, was the starting quarterback on a Rose Bowl winning team and also was the starting quarterback of a Super Bowl Champion. For my play I was voted MVP of that Super Bowl. I was the #1 selection out of the College Draft by the Boston Patriots, but won my Super Bowl for another franchise after my career seemed to be over.  I was raised in San Jose, California, by blind parents, and am the only player of Hispanic descent to win the Heisman Trophy.
  6. During my 15 year career, I set 22 world records in running events ranging from the 1500 meters to the 10,000 meters. At one time I held the world record in the 10,000 meters, the 5,000 meters and the Mile Run. Nobody else before or since has accomplished this. At 23 in my first Olympics I won three gold medals, four years later I won five gold medals in six days. In my last Olympics at age 31 I again won the 10,000 meters gold, but had to settle for silver in the 5,000 meter and the Steeplechase. I was training for the Marathon in the next Olympics, but was suspended from Olympic Competition just before the Games began. The Olympic Committee questioned my amateur status. In my entire career I was never beaten in the 10,000 meters. I was honored to light the Olympic Flame when the games were hosted by my home country when I was 53 years old.
  7. My senior year in high school I led the state in scoring. This allowed me to attend my hometown university where I lettered in Basketball and Tennis my last three years. The year after I graduated my alma mater won the NCAA Basketball Championship. After getting a medical discharge from the Army Air Force I went into broadcasting. I was the voice of one of the most prominant College Football Programs in the 1940s and 1950s. I later broadcast 13 World Series, 9 Super Bowls, 14 Rose Bowls, and 24 Final Fours.
  8. My Dad was a Baptist minister, but I converted to Islam in my early 20s. Raised in California I played college basketball for the most successful coach in basketball history. I was a 2-time first team All-American and help lead our school to an 86-4 record and two national championships. I earned four NBA Championship rings with two different franchises. I’m a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame.
  9. I’m the only athlete to both win the Heisman Trophy and play in the NCAA Basketball Final Four. My Heisman Trophy was the first trophy awarded to a player from a school west of Texas. The Los Angeles Rams selected me as the #1 pick in the NFL draft. I played three years in the NFL and then played one year in the Canadian Football League. I later earned a Law Degree and became a founding member of a Law Firm. I’m a member of the College Football Hall of Fame.





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