Tommy Leach

Tommy Leach was also known as Wee Tommy because of his small stature. When he was first entering the league he was given the choice to pick which major team he would like. Between the Louisville Colonels or Washington. As a third baseman, Leach was told by his manager that a really good player named Wagner played for Washington, so he ought to choose the Colonels. There was a guy named Wagner that played for Washington, but his brother, Honus, was the far superior player and he played for the Colonels. Leach and Honus Wagner competed for playing time until Leach settled into 3rd base and Honus Wagner would go on to be the greatest short stop in baseball history.


Together, Leach and Wagner would lead the Pittsburg Pirates to the first ever World Series in 1903 and with Leach’s first hit and run would lead the Pirates to a 3-1 lead over Boston. But Boston would come back to win the first ever World Series.


Tommy Leach is the oldest participant in the great baseball book, Glory of Their Times, a must read for any lover of baseball oral history. Leach would die in 1969 and is not enshrined by the Baseball Hall of Fame

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