Stories You Should Know: Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe, hails from Oklahoma as a member of Sac and Fox Native American Tribe. He is in our opinion at A Sip of Sports the greatest athlete of all time. He dominated football, was a solid baseball player and the worlds best track athlete, what more can you ask of an athlete? There is even recent research to say he played professional basketball in the youngest days of basketball’s history.


Jim Thorpe is one of the most forgotten great athletes in American history and if I can contribute one thing to the sports conversation it would be a renaissance of Jim Thorpe. He was sent to Carlisle, a school for Native American’s only, where he played under none other than Pop Warner, one of the most important people in the development of American Football. As part of Carlisle’s football team he played running back, defensive back, placekicker and punter. Carlisle in the 1910s were on par with Navy and Army, the best football teams in the country. One of the best football games of all time is the Carlisle vs Navy game in 1912.


  1. […] Rockne’s first season in 1918 he posted a 3-1-2 record. College football only had 72 teams, the Irish finished 23rd. The next season, he would win his first, unofficial, National Title when his team went 9-0. They would be perfect again in 1920 with only a loss against Iowa in 1921. So it was as the premier team that these four freshman walked onto the practice field to try and play for the Irish. Rockne had proven he was a winner in these early years of college football. But still, he stood behind Pop Warner, the father of American football, the head coach of Carlisle Indian school and the greatest athlete of all time, Jim Thorpe. […]


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