A Sip of Sports Presents A Playoff System for College Football

2018 National Championships by a Sip of Sports


Another year, another fiasco that we try to name a Football National Champion. We are all happy the BCS was scrapped. But we all know it is decidedly unfair and eltist that there are a few, pre-ordained teams that have a chance and the rest of the teams, no matter how their season goes, gets no shot at the Title.

No Cinderellas, no tension. Just the big guys playing, and sometimes for a second time in the season. This is a story that has repeated itself throughout the history of College Football. It’s a shame as one of America’s heritages has been treated thus.

But we have a solution! We have a way to keep the Bowl system, respect the oldest Bowls histories and give us all what we want, a Playoff System. So here it is with 2018 teams t hat would be invited. No committees, no elitism, just winners on the football field.


In order to allow all Conferences and all teams a chance, we believe every Conference Champion gets an automatic bid while also allow 3 at large bids, because obviously there are stronger conferences and unaffiliated teams.

1st Round (2nd week in December)

The first week of Bowls would look like this

UAB Blazers (C-USA Champs) vs. Northern Illinois (MAC Champs)


Appalachian State (Sun Belt Champions) vs. Fresno State (Mountain West Champion)


What exciting match ups might this be? The UAB Blazers have just reinstated their football program and they come through to win their Conference. While Northern Illinois shocked the 7-1 Buffalo Bulls to win the MAC. Give the 2nd tier teams a weekend to shine in a rotating bowl schedule and who would get to host these bowls each year. Spread it across the country.


2nd Round (3rd Week in December)

The second round would take the winners of the previous weeks Bowls, The AAC Champion and 3 at Large Bids and play 3 amazing Bowls.

Notre Dame (at large) vs. App State/Fresno State Winner

Michigan (at large) vs. UCF (AAC Champion)

Georgia (at large) vs. UAB/NIU Winner


Here we get the brilliance of our Bowl Games, pit the little guy against the big guy and see who wins. Stronger Conferences with deserving runner-up’s in their conference get a chance still to play their way into the National Championship. But what makes this better, is this isn’t a consolation prize, the winners all advance. You’ll have no celebrated teams playing without heart the way we have it now, winning keeps the teams in the hunt getting the best from the David and the Goliath.


3rd Round (New Years Day)

Let’s Make New Years Day Great Again! Here I give you the history of the bowls, with some underdogs thrown in and a National Championship on the line? This could be made the greatest sporting day of the year.

The Rose Bowl is back with the PAC-12 Champion playing the Big 10 Champion, the way it was meant to be.

University of Washington vs. Ohio State at the Rose Bowl

SEC still sends their Conference Champion to the Sugar Bowl and plays a winner from the week before.

Alabama vs. Notre Dame/App State/ Fresno State in the Sugar Bowl

The ACC Conference Champion goes to the Orange Bowl the way it was meant to be.

Clemson vs. Michigan/UFC winner at the Orange Bowl

And the Cotton Bowl is still the Big 12’s as it was created to be.

Oklahoma vs. Georgia/UAB/NIU winner at the Cotton Bowl


Seriously, who doesn’t want to see that? What are the chances one of the at-large teams falls and we have a David make it through with a chance at playing on New Years? Who doesn’t want to see the traditional bowls given back their former glory and also make them legitimate in deciding a National Champion?


4th Round and National Championship

The Fiesta Bowl and the Peach Bowl become the deciders on the National Championships.

The Feista Bowl hosts the winners of the Rose Bowl and the Cotton Bowl.

The Peach Bowl hosts the winners of the Orange Bowl and the Sugar Bowl


Those two play for the Title a week later.


What 4 teams would come out of New Years Day? What teams make it to the National Championship? Does one of the teams from the 1st week make it all the way to the final weekend, or do the elite teams get a chance to play each other with the Title on the Line? Does Alabama still dominate if they have to play 3 games in the postseason?

Our formula extends the length of the postseason but it is much more fair, much more true to Bowl legacy and much more exciting than the system we have now.



  1. […] I hate, hate, hate the way college football is run. I hate it. It is elitist. It is a country club where the big programs are invited and everyone else is searching for scraps. I’ve talked about this repeatedly during Bowl Season. Bowl Season is the travesty of Modern Sports. Yes, its is the worst thing about American sports. But we are not one to complain alone. We here have created an amazing Bowl Playoff System that would keep the traditional Bowls but allow Mid-Majors to compete for a National Title. You can read about it here. […]


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