2019 Super Bowl Commercials (with video)

2019’s Super Bowl may have been a dud. But it came out well in the Commercial category. Though there may not have been as many hilarious ones, though they did hit the mark a couple times, there were also very emotional ones with great, uniting, messages. Here is a list of the best:

Favorite was the 100th year of the NFL brought out all the stars and it was great:

Alexa had a winner last year too. This one lived up to the standard

Michael Buble teaching us the correct phonetic spelling was hilarious.

The Hyundai commercial based in the miserable things we have to do gave everyone a good chuckle.

One of the best feel good commercials was Kia’s ode to the many unknowns that make our country great.

Verizon hit it on the head with it’s honoring of first responders across the country. This was the best of some many good ones.

Finally, this Children’s Hospital commercial was joy filled.

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