College Admissions Scandal Highlights Corrupt Collegiate Coaches

In one of the biggest scandals to break of it’s type, over 50 people have already been indicted with more expected to come. Here are the things to know and what collegiate sports are involved.

William Rick Singer and The Key

Singers was the CEO of a “non-profit” company called The Key. According to it’s non-profit status he helped underprivileged students get into elite colleges. In actuality he helped very rich people get into them.

The Fraud

There were two ways in which The Key got kids into various schools. The first was by cheating during the SAT/ACT. This ranged from falsely claiming kids had special needs and needed a special proctor who was complicit in the cheating or having another person, Mark Riddell, to take the test for them.

Parents would pay between $15,000 and $75,000 if this was the direction they went.

The other method was by paying of various college coaches to include the name of a kid on their athletic lists to help with admissions.

The Sports, Teams and Coaches Indicted

Officials have already said, “We suspect these probably aren’t the only coaches involved.”

But here is the 7 coaches and one AD who have already been accused.

University of Southern California

Athletic Director Donna Heinel

Water Polo Coach Jovan Vavic

USC Water Polo is coming off a National Championship winning season under Vavic.


Sailing Head Coach John Vandemoer

Wake Forest

Women’s Volleyball Head Coach Bill Ferguson

University of Texas

Men’s Tennis Head Coach Michael Center


Head Tennis Coach Gordon Ernst.

Ernst was fired by Georgetown in 2017 over admissions fraud.


Women’s Soccer Coach Rudy Meredith (had already left the program)


Men’s Soccer Head Coach Jorge Salcedo

UCLA lost in the first round of the College Cup this year. UCLA was the runner up at the Cup in 2014.

It is a dark day in the world of collegiate sports. This scandal doesn’t target the high profile sports or teams. Rather it’s the small programs from tenuous sports that are regularly shut down each year.

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