Kinetic Warm Up

I am a fan of kinetic warm ups. I usually it during baseball practice, especially since I usually have a bunch of little boys that have just gotten out of school and want nothing more than to wiggle and move. So we do just that, move in all sorts of funny positions. This warm up is great for all sorts of sports. We use it for baseball, tennis, running and when focus has disappeared in homeschool.

One of the goals with every warm up, no matter the sport, should be to develop athleticism. As, especially boys, grow up they can’t quite figure out where there hands and feet are in relation to their body. So doing things that makes them think about what their hands and feet are doing is a great way to help transition boys to men in sports.

Also, making a boy, jump and run and be explosive is great no matter the age. Their body craves it and usually it burst out of them in unhealthy ways. Find a healthy way to do what they crave

Here are some of our favorites:


Ready Position Jumps/Shuffle

Bunny Hops

Frog Hops

Bear Crawls

Crab Walks

Once we do all of these, we do them all BACKWARDS!

This is such a great way to keep those minds active while the body is sweating. It’s so great in developing athleticism to make them do an activity backwards.

Now go use your imagination! We also do Kangaroo Hops (Broad Jumps). What are some other animals you could imitate?

Leave some in the comments.

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