2 Years of Sipping Sports

It is our 2 year anniversary at A Sip of Sports. We have grown so much in the last couple of years so we thought we would share our most poplar posts!

Stories You Should Know are our most popular pieces. But which of these is the best?

  1. Margaret Court

Margaret Court is a name only brought up in passing when comparing her record to Serena Williams. Her record is still better than Serena’s, but that hasn’t stopped most from completely dismissing her from the GOAT conversation. Not only that she has become increasingly unpopular based on her political and religious opinions. We are very proud to tell Court’s story and remind the world, Serena is still chasing her.

We got into this to tell stories like Court’s, we are just glad it has been so well received.

2. Bill Russell Games 7’s

Bill Russell in Game 7’s was a monster. Talk about clutch, talk about the winning gene, Bill Russell, in our opinion is the greatest basketball player of all time. His story and legacy is not told the way it deserves. We are proud at a Sip of Sports to be a place people go to learn more about this great.

3. Franz Klammer and the 1976 Olympic Downhill

Both of our Olympic skiing articles have been very well read, Franz Klammer more than Buddy Werner’s tragic story however. Klammer is especially popular among European audiences. These are two great stories of sport that seem to be lost to the past.

4. How Dominant was Sandy Koufax

This was a pleasure to write and post. Koufax is a family hero and it is clear there is still a desire to read the stories of this Dodger Pitcher. How good he was in such a short amount of time looks only better with time. The amount of pitches and innings he threw makes his story look unrepeatable in the coming future. It reminds us of a different era in baseball.

5. The History of the 4-minute Mile

The mile has become and obsolete event in track and field. Since moving all the international events to the metric system the mile seems arbitrary. But the ring and the history of the mile still hasn’t lost it’s interest of the fans. In this article we hearken back to the time when athletes broke a glass ceiling, a physical accomplishment some doubted could ever happen. We then look at the celebrity we placed on the fastest milers, until of course the metric system changed the face of the sport.

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