A Sip of Sports Top Controversial Posts

We don’t try to be controversial and we don’t say things we don’t mean just for clicks, never. But I do have opinions that are not shared by the most read sports commentators.

Here are some of those posts that have been our all-time most viewed articles over the past 2 years:

  1. Men are Better Athletes Than Women

I thought this was kind of an obvious article to write, but I had seen so many articles coming out that were putting women athletes on par with men in ability (The John McEnroe controversy really began to highlight it.) It was then I realized there might be some people out there who have been so blinded by the feminist movement that they actually believe there are no differences between men’s bodies and women’s. There are. And every quality athlete knows it.

This has been one of our top all time viewed articles. Clearly it says something people wanted to read more about.

2. Margaret Court versus Billy Jean King (The Arena Battle)

This was one of our earliest posts that came on the heals of our Stories You Should Know on Margaret Court. When reading about whether Margaret Court Arena should be renamed it was nearly unanimous by sports writers that it ought to be. I clearly disagree.

But I think the reason this article gets so many views is we dare to criticism Billy Jean King. King has become a saint in the secular world of feminism and LGBQT. All are expected to revere and honor her for what she did on and off the court. This even with the understanding that she treated her first female partner like dirt. Here we refuse to tell the story of King to fit that narrative nor will we accept her as a spokesman for all female athletes.

3. Serena Williams and the Feminist Movement

When Serena Williams lost it at the 2018 U.S. Open it prompted a stream of responses. We were gladdened to see that we were not the only ones to criticize Williams for her unsportsmanlike actions (Martina Navratilova who we disagreed with over Margaret Court, we agree with on this issue). Though our opinion was the only like it we could find there was more discussion on both sides of this issue in the larger sports commentary narrative than we expected.

4. NIKE’s Commercial is Bad For Female Athletes

NIKE is all about being woke these days. Whereas we had no problem with their decision to hire Kaepernick and cash in on his commercial success, this one did bother us.

The issues of female athletes is clearly one that is important to us. Mainly because I was a female athlete who’s views are so totally neglected by most of the more prominent advocates for female athletes.

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