I come from a divided family. Half of us live, eat and breathe sports and half of them couldn’t care less. A Sip of Sports was designed for my whole family. Through A Sip of Sports I would like to narrow the world of sports to quick sips to be looked at quickly. I look at the top stories in Sports provide some commentary all concisely. The goal is to be interesting, without being over detailed. It is to be accurate and accumulative without being boring. It is for those like, myself, avid sports fans who want a place to get all the highlights and all the links in one place, and a place for my Mom, who just wants to be able to know what in the world the rest of the family is talking about. So whether you’re in the know or want to be able to hold your own in a conversation at work, this site will work to provide you quick, reliable and accurate stories in the world of sports. We will also give you unique perspectives and valuable points when forming your own opinions.

If you don’t want to read, please check our our weekly podcast. Though less detailed we give you the sporting news of the week and our opinions.