If you only read the most popular sporting news sights you would think sports started when their businesses began. Here at a Sip of Sports we try to put perspective into the current sports stories. We retell the stories of players who’s names may have faded from the headlines but made lasting impacts on their games. We tell the stories of games and events that got modern sports going. With all of our commentary and news we try to compare it to the athletes and games of times past. Perspective matters, and you can’t have perspective without a understanding of history. 

Take a look at our Stories You Should Know of just such stories that all sports fans ought to know but aren’t being passed on to the new generation. 

Look at our Greatest of All Time Lists, lists that are influenced by objective standards not current events. 

We cover controversial topics but give you a perspective that isn’t expressed by the major sporting news outlets. 

In all we do we try to make strong arguments based on logic and facts. We try to find answers and stories that matter. We don’t retell stories that make our opinions correct and build up current stars fame.

We live 100 years into American sports, we want to speak about the now without forgetting about the past. Come and enjoy our content and hopefully learn something new. 

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